I'm a "yes" person. If FOMO could be diagnosed, I would receive a prescription and still be told there is no cure. As in, don't invite me somewhere if you don't want me to come. I'll make it happen.


Though the only restriction I ever had was time and money. So, I started a side-hustle. I put in two good years making tough choices, dedicating many late nights to custom paintings, all while growing my business through social media. Then I made the exciting decision to take my business, Hennessey In The Home, full-time.  


I love to teach. I also like to travel. Combine those two with my passion for sharing every detail of my life with others and you have LACEY DOES. A hub for my storytelling. Enjoy, share feedback and tell me where I should go or what I should do next!


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Recently turning my side-hustle into a full-time business, I've gained the freedom to create, travel and share my stories with others. So follow along to see if LACEY DOES it... and you can too.


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