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Leaders always share quotes and lessons on how success is built on failure. I've experienced it first hand and now totally get it. My big fail led to a big opportunity.

Check out the YEAHTHAT Coloring Book produced by the City of Greenville (South Carolina) visitors center. The cover features my artwork created through my business, Hennessey In The Home.

I was not originally hired to do the cover and it's through failure that success prevailed.

A few months before I learned I scored the cover for the book another artist friend of mine suggested I enter an art contest for the YEAHTHATGREENVILLE visitors guide - a yearly publication given to guests when they come to the great city of Greenville, SC. Thousands of copies to be printed. There was a cash prize of $5,000 so I went for it. I failed. I lost. I wasn't chosen. I had poured hours of time into a project that I knew had a really big chance of not being picked. And I wasn't.

Still really proud of what I had put together, I didn't think twice about the artwork and it sat on a shelf in my studio for an amount of time I was unsure it would rack up. It only sat there for a few weeks until I received an email from the visitors center telling me that though they went with another artist, they wanted to use my cover art on another project! I was thrilled.

The project had a smaller budget, but I would be able to use the same artwork with a slight title variation and it would still get in the hands of so many that visit and live in Greenville. Of course, I jumped at the chance and was so excited to see the finished product.

Fast forward a few weeks later and more good news came in. The artist who designed the interior coloring book pages asked the visitors center for my contact information. She too was a side-hustling entrepreneur and shared the same admiration that I had for her, with me. Her full-time gig is assisting a producer on Broadway up in New York City - how cool is that!? We exchanged a few emails and quickly I signed a contract with her for an art project soon to be on Broadway.


I shared with my mother that God works in mysterious ways. I wasn't blessed with a voice that would get be on the stages of Broadway, but if a paintbrush can get me there then gosh darn-it I'll take it!

Keep failing! You never know what will come from it :)

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Recently turning my side-hustle into a full-time business, I've gained the freedom to create, travel and share my stories with others. So follow along to see if LACEY DOES it... and you can too.


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