Lacey Does: Fall Florals

Tablescapes. Centerpiece displays. Small accents around your house. Whether you are decorating your home for an event or just want to add some fall feels to your life, here are some tips on how to make arrangments that won't break the bank or steal too much of your time.

When I decorate a table or want to put flowers around a house, and the project is of a smaller scale, my go-to stores are Trader Joe's, Costco, and then The Fresh Market (with TJ's being my number one). If you have some time, ordering online in advance from Costco, especially for hydrangeas, will save you time and money as they will be shipped directly to your door.

Trader Joe's also takes calls ahead of time if you want to ensure they have your request, but I personally like going and picking out what's available. To me, that is half the fun. They'll even give you a plastic bucket to take your flowers home in, so no worries there.

Trader Joe's has flower bunches starting at $3 and Costco you can order and get 24-32 hydrangeas for around $68 (it can fluctuate.

I make my arrangments as soon as I get home. If you can't, keep them in a cool, dry location in the house away from direct sunlight. They will last longer that way.

Cut your stems on an angle with sharp scissors or floral shears. You can find a great pair here. They are inexpensive and will last you...I mean, just look at mine. You can tell they've seen some wear. But hey - they still work great!

I work fast, so after I cut the stem, I place it directly in my vase with cold water. If you are just cleaning/prepping your flowers for later, put them back in the bucket.

I always start by placing my largest flowers first, so in this case, I used hydrangeas. You never want to have leaves touching the water. They can carry bacteria, so remove any leaves lower than your water line.

I decided to incorporate a pumpkin as my vessel. I found faux foam pumpkins at Michaels. They were on sale for $8 each and took me less than 5 minutes to cut the tops off. WAY FASTER than carving a real pumpkin and dealing with a mess. I used a sharp pair of scissors and easily cut the top as if the scissors were a knife.

Originally my thought was to put the water directly in, but after a test run (thank goodness), the pumpkin leaked through the seam. So I opted to put a cylinder vase inside. Don't have these? You could use a tall cup from your kitchen. No one will see it, so get creative. If you want the vases, go to Dollar Tree. They are $1 and guess what, they ship, too!

I also purchased floral picks - again on super sale, woohoo!! Another $1 find and add a little extra something to the arrangement. Hobby Lobby and Michaels are great resources during the holiday season because they make everything 40-50% off as soon as the season hits. Stock up for next year in advance!

I then separate pre-made mixed bouquets and add-in elements to the hydrangeas. Greenery for filler can save you additional money, as it can be bulky and take up room smaller flowers can't.

There is no right or wrong way to fill your vase. I work in quadrants to make sure it's balanced, but depending on the space you are decorating, a loose arrangement works great, too.

Have fun with it, watch my video for more tips, and shop around. Call ahead if you are worried to secure your flowers.

Most likely you also have several wholesale floral shops nearby that accept walk-in clients and have large refrigerators filled with options - most of which neither of us could name. At these shops, they will definitely have more to choose from and are passionate about flowers, so ask questions if you are curious, they are there to help, and want to! I discovered my knack for designing flowers through my event planning skills and have several events and weddings under my belt. And with all that said, I would still never call myself a florist. So don't be intimidated, we all start somewhere.

Send me photos of your arrangements or any questions to @lacey_does on Instagram. I'd love to hear how you're doing!

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