Lacey Does: The Yacht Week - Riding Solo

Can't find or convince your friends to join you on the most epic week of your life? Go alone. You won't regret it.

You'll go alone, but never actually be alone. It was January of 2018, it was cold out and I was sitting on my couch, deep in an Instagram black hole. I came across The Yacht Week profile. I had heard about it but didn't know much. After seeing insanely beautiful people, even more, attractive landscapes, and perfectly crafted video ads, I decided to go to YouTube to try to find "real people" that go on these trips, only to find the same content, with a little less polish.

The Yacht Week was in fact, as good as it looked. Or was it? I watched countless amateur videos, scraped together by guests who all swore it was the best week of their life. I was hooked. After several calls and emails to my go-to #travelfriends, it looked as if I wasn't going anymore. BOOOO!

Then I thought, screw it. Just because I don't have someone to go with me, doesn't mean I have to miss out on something great. And I am not alone in that thought.

The Yacht Week has several #groupfinder pages on Facebook that will connect individuals or small groups together with what they refer to as the "Lead Booker". Basically there is one person who acts as the Lead Booker and they hop on TYW website and reserve the yacht of choice. TYW then provides them a male to female ratio (it's partly your choice, too) and you need to fill the spots. So crews flock to the Crew Finder Facebook pages to fill their missing spots.

I posted a few photos of myself that would show my personality and that I was a single traveler from South Carolina in the United States looking to go for my first time. Within hours I was talking to a guy from Australia sharing info about my vibe and within days, booked my spot on a monohull with these like-minded #YPs from around the world. A skipper from Sweden, hostess from Austria, 3 girls from New Zealand, 2 from Scotland, 2 guys from Australia and 2 from the U.S. A motley crew and fast, new friends.

Once you join a crew, the #groupchat will take-off, so much so that by the time you actually meet each other months later you feel as if you've been friends for a while.

Once you arrive there will be SOOO many new people to meet. Depending on the route (Your options: Croatia, BVI, Greece, Montenegro) there could be an additional 12-50 yachts, each filled with 10-12 people. Do the math. You will no longer be traveling solo.

While writing to you, and since that first initial trip, I have gone on 2 additional Yacht Week's (making it 3 so far), have booked my 4th and attended The Ski Week. I also went back to Europe for a 7-week trip, spending 5 of those weeks with different people I met on that initial Yacht Week in Greece.

You WILL make friends you will stay in touch with if you want to. You WILL have one of the best weeks of your life. Their motto is, "It's nothing like the real world" and that my friend is the truth. It's better. Much better.

Have a question about traveling or about being a Yacht Week virgin? Shoot me an email at or slide into my DM's @lacey_does!

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