Lacey Does: The Ski Week (First Timer)

Whether you ski, snowboard, or are just in it for the après ski, you'll love hitting The Ski Week for a healthy mix of sport, culture, and parties.

It was about 15 years since I had hit the slopes. In my best days, I was only going down blue squares and now I had gained the knowledge of how badly I could injure myself when not knowing what I am doing as I'm careening down the mountain.

That being said, with a few Yacht Week's under my belt The Ski Week seemed extremely appetizing. To whet my appetite, I did the Ski Weekend. There are several locations for TSW - #Aspen (where I went), #Japan, #Canada and #Austria. Each offering their own unique experience. Aspen, being in the U.S., was best for my budget and skill-level. Not knowing how I would do on ski's, I chose to go for the weekend option.

They offer a variety of activities and parties during the week. Some of which I missed out on while only doing the weekend (Thursday-Sunday). A few events I attended, such as Bubbles N' Brunch and the Mountain Banquet/Pond Skim required you to ski to the event. Luckily, it was like riding a bike for me. Now my bike was rusty, seemed to have a flat tire and wiggled a lot, barely breaking and coming to a stop, but none the less it could ride. Oh, and it LOVED pizza. If you ski, you get that. If you don't, it's not good.

One of my friends who came with us as a beginner had trouble making it to the events, which stunk for her. She took a lesson and the staff was extremely helpful, but I wish there were better options for her to get her there, regardless of ability.

My friend @mollybandrews and I were about the same level and to put it into perspective, one of the staff we met earlier who knew we were beginners said to us at the afternoon party:

"Hey girls, how'd it go today? How many runs did you get in?"


"Yea how many times did you go up and back down from the lift?"

"Ohhh"....."Just the one"

We had zero shame because trust us. Our après ski ability far outweighed the lack of ability on the slopes.

So if you don't ski or snowboard, know that you can definitely come and get lessons. Go for the full week (as I am next go-around) and you'll improve as the days go on. And if nothing else there are PLENTY of places to drink and watch the others go by.

Plus, the parties start early afternoon anyway. You live in apartments, or for Canada route - RV'S (!) and you'll meet amazing people who have come together from all over the world.

It's an addiction. Be careful and have fun! If you have any questions DM me @lacey_does!

Recently turning my side-hustle into a full-time business, I've gained the freedom to create, travel and share my stories with others. So follow along to see if LACEY DOES it... and you can too.


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