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Meet Lacey Hennessey

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Hi, I'm Lacey Hennessey, a chameleon of the arts! 


What does that mean? Well, where you’ll notice I do have a style (typically colorful, distinct lines, and contrasting tones), I often adapt to my client's needs. The phrase, "See if Lacey does it" is often how people find me. A friendly word of mouth reference.

Prior to jumping full-time into painting, I was in the marketing industry for 10+ years. So I approach murals and custom requests with goals and objectives in mind and build the visual around them (vs. creating artwork and trying to make it fit). My work is for everyone. Easy to understand, provides a message, and often invites interaction, all while adding my own twist and creativity, which leads to unique, custom artwork for every project.


Clients enjoy partnering with me because I am easy to work with, offering flexible schedules and speedy timelines. I use quality materials that provide longevity and I always work efficiently. From beginning to end, my goal is to make the project FUN for everyone involved and leave a space far more beautiful than I found it.

An added benefit to commissioning artwork by me, specifically for murals and large scale pieces, are the additional services I can offer (and what I like to call “Chameleon Add-ons”): 

  • Anti-graffiti and UV Coating

  • Art Licensing – Marketing materials, promotional items, PR opportunities

  • Professional Photography and Videography

  • Community and Live Paintings Events

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Travel/Visitor Engagement

  • Public Speaking

Want to get in touch? Email me at and I'll help you get started with a quote!

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