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Custom Commissions

 How Custom Commissioned Art Can Capture Life’s Memories

A custom-commissioned art piece is a perfect way to capture life’s most memorable moments. Whether you want to keep a cherished photo of your pet, commemorate a special event or preserve an image of a loved one, commissioning an artist to create a unique portrait can be an excellent choice. Let's dive into why you should consider getting a custom commission portrait. 

The Benefits of a Custom Commission Portrait 

The beauty of custom commission portraits is that they can be tailored to fit any space or budget. As opposed to buying generic artwork from stores, commissioning an artist allows for flexibility and customization that can ensure your portrait will fit perfectly in the space you have available. Artists understand how important it is to capture the essence and emotion of the subject in their artwork, so you can rest assured knowing that your portrait will be everything you wanted and more! 

In addition, custom commissions provide customers with an opportunity to support local artists who are passionate about their craft. Working with local artists helps promote their art and gives them the opportunity to hone their skills while also creating something unique for someone else. Moreover, when customers purchase directly from an artist they receive personalized attention as well as access to exclusive discounts or offers that may not be available elsewhere.  

A Lasting Memory 

A custom commission portrait is more than just art—it’s a memory frozen in time. It provides a physical reminder of that moment in time and serves as a reminder of what was once there and what now remains forever captured in the artwork itself. This type of artwork often elicits powerful emotions such as joy, nostalgia and peace—all thanks to its ability to bring back memories from past experiences for many years after it has been created. 

At Lacey Does, we understand the power and importance of custom commission portraits. We work with clients to create timeless artwork that captures life’s most special moments in a unique way. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about commissioning an artist for your next portrait! 

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